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Toto je taká malá spontánna vec, na ktorej je zvláštny jej (chýbajúci) koniec. Po niekoľkých pokusoch o nejaké epické zakončenie som to nechal tak, nech si o tom každý myslí čo chce.

A to ju práve robí tým, čím je. Príjemné čítanie!


I feel the weight of sky sitting on my shoulders
I feel the gritty sand slowing down my feet.
I feel the heavy wind blowing droplets to my face,
In blurred motion disappears all around me on the street.

A sound of calm and mellow wind is coming through my ears
and thoughts I’ve tried to overlook will create an endless flood.
I feel the warmth throughout my body, I feel my heart pumping blood.
I cannot see what stands before me through the flow of tears.

I’ve tried to change my way of thinking, I’ve tried to scream through the rain,
I’ve tried so hard, so many times, but no one heard me yell.
I feel like my own echo, I feel like falling down to hell,
I’m looking for what makes things easy, a way that shakes off all the pain.

Saying what had to be said, the world’s escaping from my head.
My face is slowly turning red. I feel like lying dead.
After a while, you will see, the thoughts are so hard to erase.
Screeching sound from all around fills in all the empty space.

Every other second, the time is running faster.
People are just silhouettes, can’t distinguish slave from master.
Every other second, the time is running faster.
As sheet of paper in two pieces, the world before me tears.