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Stareless Stare

The empty seat is staring stareless as you settle in…


the empty seat
is waiting waitless
as you settle in

the plane lifts off the
sea of madness
and you are where you’ve
once have been

you’re there, in an empty room
where it all began
you are resting restless
and the shadows loom
and the rain is raining rainless
in the batting wind

the sun sets down
and in the dusk you
hear the silence scream
it seems that it is never too late
yet always too soon

as you’re speeding
down the runway
whose end is barely ever endless
as you lose your mind
below, in the sea of madness
fears are washed ashore

you know if you never look
you will never find
and that if you never ask
you will never know

the albatross hangs motionless
her teary eyes are
staring stareless

stop the talking if you dare
let go and enter breathless
into her stareless stare