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Dive je básničkou doslova útočiacou na zmysly. A nech už ju budete interpretovať ako chcete, skúste sa plne ponoriť do pocitu ponorenia sa 🙂 Príjemné čítanie!


Dive in the matter
deep, deep inside
and silently floating
still in the tide
the heat will dissolve,
the sun will shatter.

Dive, oh dive and your
breathing grows weaker
and sight turns to mist
the muffled sounds roar
in the vague distance
of your race to seek her.

Sweet is her voice
and sweet are her lips,
but sweeter the air,
sweeter the water
that you have kissed.

Dive in the colors
which all turn to blue,
waving and swiveling,
let silence surround you,
let go of artifice
of all the horrors.

Dive, oh dive, feel
the refreshing liquid
moisten your face,
soften your hair
and fill the space
and caress and heal.

Sweet are her eyes
and sweet are her hands
but sweeter the droplets,
sweeter the moisture,
the mist in the air.

Dive, oh dive, dive,
let go of the heat,
embrace the water,
disburden your feet.
Dive, oh dive, dive.

And for once more,
you’ll feel alive.